Edutain Micro Film Festival

You are the future of filmmaking and of education

Bring learning to life

Amateurs and professionals alike

This platform is yours to command

whether this is your 1st film or your 50th

What's waiting for you

Cash prizes, filmmaking workshops, and expert judges.

A chance to show us the world through your eyes!

Edutain Micro Film Festival

Bring the Future of Education to Life

Revolutionising the way languages and sciences are learned

Promoting and mentoring the young creative minds of the future

Connecting upcoming filmmakers to the industry and the world

The First Film Festival of its Kind,
in Association with Chinesepod and the 48-hour Film Festival.


ShinKong Cinemas in Ximending, Taipei

The screening of the Edutain Micro Film Festival will be held at the hidden gem of ShinKong Cinemas in Ximending, Taipei, on October 19, 2019. The cinema’s beautiful lobby, plush seating, and premium Dolby surround-sound setup make it a perfect launch-pad for our festival. The entrance is on the 4th floor of the Plaza building – don’t get lost on your way up!

4~5F., No. 36, Xining S. Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan
Phone: 02 2314 6668

The screening, awards ceremony and after party will all take place at the Shin Kong Cinemas. You can get your tickets to the event on


The key dates for you to diarise right now – don’t hesitate! If you have any doubts, come to one of our workshops and we can help you translate your ideas to the screen.

Regular submissions deadline September 22, 2019
Late submissions deadline: October 12, 2019
48hr Film Festival/Edutain crossover event: October 4-6, 2019
Festival screening and Awards day: October 19, 2019

In the lead-up to our submission deadlines, we will be holding four filmmaking workshops to inspire amateurs and newbies with even more ideas on how to make award-winning films with nothing more than a smartphone and some online editing software. So if the festival sounds intriguing but you feel like you don’t know where to start, come and join us! Venues and dates are TBC (keep checking the website for more info) but they will be on weekends in Taipei. Come learn some tips and tricks, and discover that you already know more than you think about filmmaking and content-creation.


Remember, all films should be on the subject of either language-learning (English or Chinese) or the natural sciences. Let your imagination run wild as you set your sights not only on these awards, but on showing us the future of learning as you see it…

Award categories and prizes:

Winners and runners-up in each category will receive a trophy and a certificate.

“Best Film” Overall Grand Prize: NT$100,000
“Best Student Submission”: NT$25,000
Crossover 48hr Film Festival/Edutain Winner: NT$25,000
Edutain “Language Learning” Category winner: NT$25,000
Edutain “Most Humorous Film” (Language OR Science): NT$25,000


No festival or creative project can exist without its sponsors, but ChinesePod is even more than a sponsor – they are the inspiration behind the Edutain Festival!

ChinesePod has been ahead of the education game since it began more than a decade ago. While many language-learning schools and websites rest on traditional teaching methods (think textbooks, written tests, and prescriptive lesson plans),

ChinesePod is constantly finding new ways to keep learning interesting, relevant, and empowering to their students. They already use video and audio lessons better than most, but they will never stop developing and enriching their content. That’s why they are always looking for innovative ideas and opportunities to collaborate with exciting, up-and-coming creatives like you. ChinesePod’s constant expansion of its lesson styles now include a wide range of mediums in addition to video, including online classes, cross-platform apps, and physical learning resources.

Merry Go Round is our equipment partner this year, offering discounts to anyone who would like to enter the competition. Please contact us to receive your QR code for a 10% discount on rentals with Merry Go Round.

Cyberlink is our editing software partner this year, offering a free trial license to anyone who would like to enter the competition. Please contact us to receive your discount code for your free trial version from Cyberlink.


Our esteemed panel of judges are not only exceptional industry insiders and celebrities, but they are also filmmakers, directors, and producers in their own right… prominent industry professionals who are committed to mentoring and growing the next generation of leaders in the film industry.

The panel is made up of forward thinkers, game-changers, and frontrunners, each of whom has a passion for and a commitment to the future of film. We are so excited and so privileged to have their expert eyes keenly focussed on our festival, and they are so excited to see the worlds of education and entertainment through your eyes.